Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real Nurse!

I passed my boards this morning.

The exam was nothing like I expected it to be-- full of questions about disease processes, procedures, and drugs that I've never even heard of. Most of the questions were 100% guesses-- by the 60th question, I was going with whatever sounded good.

It shut off at 75; apparently I'm a good guesser.

I feel like in preparing for the boards, I was inundated with advice, statistics, strategies. Kaplan is the only good class. You only have to get a 51%. 86% of people who take it, pass. Just do 5,000 review questions. Don't bother with review questions, just study the facts. If you don't take a review class, you'll fail.

Really, all I needed was a good knowledge base and a little confidence. It helps that I did well in school-- I know myself to have a good test-taking track record. To be honest, those statistics helped me some too-- I have never received a 50% on an exam-- why would I start now? And do I really think I'm in the bottom 14% of new grads? No.

So all in all, it's a weight off of my shoulders, and I'm excited that I can finally really start my career. I'm excited to get to focus on knowing the important things that will serve me well-- instead of trying to absorb as much pointless, inapplicable information as possible.

But for tonight, I'm most excited to read the trashy fiction I picked up at Borders today--instead of my nclex review books!

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